About Us

At EZI-WEIGH we are committed to increasing road safety, by delivering a professional mobile weighing service that checks the weight and compliance of your rig. Based on the Gold Coast Qld EZI-WEIGH comes to you to provide fast, accurate and reliable weight reports for your caravan and tow vehicle.

Yes…It’s that EZI!

With the massive growth of The Caravan, Camper and Motorhome Industry in Australia, our services are now an absolute necessity for the smart driver, rather than just an available option. The relevant state and territory road authorities are constantly cracking down on unsafe vehicles. Have you ever had your caravan and vehicle weights checked? An overweight caravan is deemed to be an unroadworthy vehicle, and in the event of an accident you could be jeopardising your insurance policy, as well as facing the prospect of receiving a hefty fine and the loss of demerit points. More importantly, the weight compliance of your caravan and tow vehicle directly affects the safety of your family and other road users.

EZY-WEIGH provides weighing services extensively throughout South East QLD & Northern NSW and liaises with highly qualified associates in most other states. We are keen caravaners ourselves, so give our professional staff a call and let us give you all the information you require to ensure that your rig is safe and weight compliant.

It’s the EZY-WEIGH to get peace of mind!